Hot Spots in Kansai in 2022.I want to go out!

Check out new facilities and activities in Kansai (Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Shiga and Wakayama) opening in 2022! Please refer to them as your holiday destinations. Please refer to the official website of each facility for the latest information, including opening hours.

Please note that the following pages use automatic translation and are not guaranteed to be 100% accurate.

  • [Chuo Ward, Kobe] 9/30 OPEN
    Miniature Life x Kobe Airport

    A permanent museum in collaboration with miniature photographer Tatsuya Tanaka. A giant “broccoli” will be installed on the rooftop lawn area.

  • [Chuo Ward, Kobe]8/31 OPEN
    Hankyu Mode Kobe

    A new fashion floor will be added to Hankyu Kobe. 33 new brands including “Blue Bottle Coffee” will appear.

  • [Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto]8/26 OPEN
    Kyoto Station Underground Mall Porta

    12 new restaurants will open in the west area of Porta. The new restaurants boast a variety of tastes, including “Kushikatsu Daruma,” which is opening for the first time in Kyoto.

  • [Ukyo-ku,Kyoto]8/1 OPEN

    A glamping facility with a natural hot spring facing a clear stream has opened. A BBQ set featuring locally produced and consumed food such as Kyoto vegetables and grilled young sweetfish is on standby.

  • [Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto]7/29 OPEN
    Kiddy Land Kyoto Shijo-Kawarando

    Chiikawa’s official store has opened in the corner of Kiddy Land Kyoto Shijo Kawaramachi Store. New mascot products are sold only at the actual store.

  • [Chuo-ku ,Kobe]7/29 OPEN
    Rooftop Terrace Solafune Kobe

    An open-air observation deck with a 360-degree panoramic view has opened on the roof of Kobe Portopia Hotel. At night, a bar counter that glows with light will appear.

  • [Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka]7/29 OPEN
    Team Lab Botanical Garden Osaka

    The first permanent outdoor exhibition in Osaka by the digital art group “TeamLab” opens in the Botanical Garden in Nagai Park. At night, the exhibition space is transformed by the influence of nature.

  • [Higashisumiyoshi-ku, Osaka]7/29 OPEN
    Boken Nomori NAGAI

    The first giant athletic “Adventure Experience Park” in western Japan with “no harness” specifications has appeared in Nagai Park. Experience the sensation of climbing a tree in the forest.

  • [Chuo Ward, Kobe]7/26 OPEN
    Sannomiya Library

    Sannomiya Library has relocated and opened on the 2nd floor of the Design and Creative Center Kobe (KIITO). The library offers a playful space with reading spaces based on different concepts.

  • [Awaji, Hyogo]7/23 OPEN
    Godzilla Museum Awaji Island Special Effects Studio Kaiju Nomori

    Two new areas have appeared at Nijigen-no-mori, an animation park in Awajishima Park, Hyogo Prefecture. In the special studio, visitors can take movies with the Godzilla suit that was actually used.

  • [Nara City, Nara]7/16 OPEN
    Nakagawa Masashichi Shoten Branch Dosan Nara Sanjo Store

    This store specializes in Nara souvenirs, offering about 1,300 items such as sundries and foods. The “Shikajika Ice Cream Monaka” made from local ingredients is the perfect accompaniment to a stroll through Nara.

  • [Shirahama, Wakayama]7/16 OPEN
    An Eland – Grand Dome Wakayama Shirahama

    A high-class glamping facility has opened on a vast uninhabited island in Tanabe Bay, Shirahama, Wakayama. There is also a wooden domed “barrel sauna” on the island.

  • [Otsu City, Shiga]7/12 OPEN
    Lakeside Resort & Cafe AFUMI KITAKOMATSU

    A glamping facility with Lake Biwa spread out before your eyes. It also has a BBQ where you can taste the famous Shiga-Takashima tonchanyaki, and a bar that opens every night.

  • [Hyogo-ku, Kobe]7/1 OPEN

    A renovated school building of “Minatoyama Elementary School” in Kobe. A complex facility with an aquarium, a food hall, a beer brewery, etc. will be born.

  • [Katsuragi City, Nara]7/1 OPEN
    Umenoyado Sake Brewery

    Nara’s long-established sake brewery, established 130 years ago, has relocated and opened. A workshop for making ume syrup and sake brewing tours are available.

  • [Higashi-Osaka City, Osaka]6/24 OPEN
    Jankara Deep Fuse

    A karaoke bar that recreates the “snack bar” and “town factory” of Higashi-Osaka. Private rooms are available, of course, but you can also sing in the open space.

  • [Maibara City, Shiga]6/18 OPEN

    One of the largest glamping facilities in Shiga Prefecture, with a new dome tent with a water terrace. All rooms are luxurious and come with a private canoe that can be used in the on-site pond.

  • [Yodogawa-ku, Osaka]6/1 OPEN

    The popular ramen restaurant “Mankind’s All Noodles” is selected as one of the 100 best ramen restaurants in the “Eat Log” every year. This is a fitness gym where you can train just to enjoy their ramen.

  • [Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto]6/1 OPEN
    10 Soba, a restaurant specializing in juwari soba (buckwheat noodles)

    This soba restaurant, owned by Yojiya, specializes in 100 percent domestically produced buckwheat noodles, which can be enjoyed for as little as one coin. The menu offers about 18 kinds of dishes. Tempura made from buckwheat flour is also available.

  • [Shirahama-city, Wakayama]5/21 OPEN
    In the Outdoor Shirahama Shihara Beach

    Kansai’s first glamping facility in a national park. You can choose from cabins, trailer houses, and glamping tents, and all rooms have a fire pit.

  • [Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto]5/20 OPEN
    Four new locations in Kyoto Gyoen

    Kyoto Gyoen Information Center,” a general information center, “Resting Area of Chikamori Estate” with a cafe offering Japanese sweets, “Resting Area of Seiwa-in Temple” and “Site of Katsura Palace” are now open.

  • [Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto]5/19 OPEN
    Kurazushi Kyoto

    A plus-type store that combines Japanese modernity with SNS appeal, including a “giant logo neon sign” designed by Kashiwa Sato and a “banner wall” of sushi items.

  • [Naniwa-ku, Osaka]5/9 OPEN
    Tsutenkaku TOWER SLIDER

    A huge slide with a total length of 60 meters has appeared at “Tsutenkaku Tower” in Shinsekai, Osaka. Experience sliding down from the third floor of the intermediate observatory to the first basement floor in about 10 seconds.

  • [Awaji City, Hyogo]4/29 OPEN
    Hello Kitty Apple House

    An apple-shaped theater attached to “Hello Kitty Awaji Apple Land. Enjoy the view of Kitty’s world with projection mapping images.

  • [Awaji City, Hyogo]4/29 OPEN
    ZaZen Retreat & Restaurant Zenbo Seinei

    A facility where you can experience Zen, yoga, meditation, etc. in an environment surrounded by the spectacular scenery of Awaji Island. Healthy “Zen monk cuisine” using porridge, tofu, local vegetables, etc. is also available.

  • [Higashinada Ward , Kobe]4/29 OPEN
    Nada Gogo Sake Brewery

    A restaurant in a former sake brewery where you can enjoy sake from 26 breweries in Nada Gogo, including Hakutsuru, Kenbishi, and Nihonzakari, as well as a menu using local seasonal ingredients.

  • [Ashiya City, Hyogo]4/28 OPEN
    F.F. Marche

    This upscale supermarket is run by the same management company as the supermarket “Super Tamade. It sells foodstuffs purchased directly from all over Japan and grown using no agricultural chemicals.

  • [Awaji Island, Hyogo]4/28 OPEN
    UMU Awaji Island

    A mobile accommodation facility has appeared in an olive grove. Spend a luxurious time in an original mirror trailer while enjoying the view of Awaji’s greenery and the sea.

  • [Kita Ward , Osaka]4/27 OPEN
    Awaji Island Sumoto City Antenna Shop Nakanoshima Sumotokan

    An antenna store of Awaji Island and Sumoto City opened on the basement floor of Nakanoshima Festival Tower. Specialty products such as fresh onions and Awaji beef ramen are on display.

  • [Miyazu City, Kyoto]4/15 OPEN
    Aqua Village Kyoto Amano-Hashidate

    Experience glamping in Miyazu Bay where Amanohashidate is located. There is a new tent area where you can enjoy an outdoor hot spring bath, BBQ space, and even a fire pit.

  • [Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto]4/10 OPEN
    Gallery and Cafe SOQSO

    A gallery renovated from “Souhatoso,” a 45-year-old 3-story apartment building. On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays when solo exhibitions are held, a café is open on the second floor.

  • [Kita-ku , Osaka]4/6 OPEN
    Hanshin Umeda Main Store

    The grand opening of the entire building after an 8-year rebuilding period. The Hanshin Food Hall on the first basement floor features the first store in western Japan, including Sabrina.

  • [Chuo-ku , Osaka]4/1 OPEN
    LEE MART Midosuji Store

    The third supermarket in the Kansai region to open, offering more than 500 items of trendy Korean foodstuffs, including the store’s original “Korean lunch boxes,” instant noodles, and confectionery.

  • [Naniwa-ku, Osaka]4/1 OPEN
    Umaibo Shop

    The only official Umaibo specialty store in Japan, which relocated and opened at Tsutenkaku ANNEX. Dagashiya Tsutenkaku, which offers a variety of candy bars, is also located here.

  • [Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto]4/1 OPEN
    Hotel Marufukuro

    Tadao Ando supervised the design of all 18 rooms, including 7 suites, and there is also a library where guests can enjoy valuable materials.

  • [Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto]3/30 OPEN
    Miffy Snack Shop by Miffy Kitchin

    This confectionary store offers about 460 different kinds of Miffy goods. The accompanying Miffy Bakerie offers a lineup of limited-edition breads, including Miffy-shaped bread rolls with red bean paste.

  • [Chuo-ku , Kobe]3/25 OPEN
    Children’s Book Forest Kobe

    Tadao Ando designed this library. The library has a collection of about 15,000 books. The large staircase in the center of the library has a landing where visitors can read books.

  • [Tenri City, Nara]3/21 OPEN
    Nara History, Art & Culture Village

    A complex facility where visitors can learn about and experience Nara’s culture. The first building in Japan where visitors can observe restoration work in four fields of cultural properties (Buddhist statues and other sculptures, paintings and calligraphy, buildings, and archaeological artifacts).

  • [Kita-ku, Osaka]3/18 OPEN

    The Scandinavian interior brand “HAY” is known for its artistic furniture and sundries. Its second store in Japan opened on the first floor of the Nakanoshima Art Museum.

  • [Chuo-ku , Osaka]3/12 OPEN

    The goods store of Nagano, the author of “Jitokotsukkikuma” and “Chiikawa” opened on the 1st basement floor of “Shinsaibashi PARCO”.

  • [Kita-ku, Osaka]3/9 OPEN

    The first store in Osaka area, a supermarket dealing in high quality food and sundries opens on the B2 floor of “Daimaru Umeda Store”. The popular eco-bag series now includes an Osaka-only design.

  • [All over Japan]3/5 OPEN

    A mobile sauna bus where you can experience an authentic wood-fired sauna. When you press the “get off” button, water is poured over the heated sauna stones. Destinations are announced on Twitter.

  • [Nishinomiya City, Hyogo]3/3 OPEN

    Japan’s first baseball simulation facility that fully recreates Hanshin Koshien Stadium. Experience batting and pitching on a large-screen reproduction of the Koshien Stadium.

  • [Nishinomiya City, Hyogo]3/3 OPEN
    Koshien Plus

    A commercial facility connected to Hanshin Koshien Stadium by a pedestrian deck. Eleven stores, including the reopened “Koshien History Museum” and restaurants, will be open.

  • [Awaji Island, Hyogo]Opening in March
    Nook The Peak

    This is a one-room hotel with a full-length opening on the ocean side, and only one couple per day can rent the entire building. You can enjoy BBQ and sukiyaki wild boar and pork hot pot using locally produced and consumed ingredients.

  • [Nishiwaki City, Hyogo]2/23 OPEN
    tamaki niime shima

    A select store featuring Banshu textiles, sundries, books, sweets, seasonings, and more. Fabrics from leading Banshu textile makers are also available.

  • [Kita-ku, Osaka]2/2 OPEN
    Osaka Nakanoshima Art Museum

    Opened after 30 years of preparation, the museum has a collection of over 6,000 works of art and design from the late 19th century to the present day.

  • [Chuo-ku, Osaka]2/1 OPEN

    A bar where you can experience “Axe Throwing,” an entertainment sport originated in the U.S. in which you throw an axe at a board like darts.

  • [Chuo-ku , Osaka]1/14 OPEN

    A food court specializing in takeout and delivery. Sixteen restaurants, including curry and gyoza restaurants, will be open. Eat-in service is also available.

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